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Originally Posted by Dublin Mike View Post
Been saying for a while now the Big East is a better conference than people give them credit for. A load of talent. Has any team besides Syracuse lost?
Syracuse makes up 4 of the 7 losses but they are good wins by the SEC cuz they all came when Cuse was on top of its game. Still, 7-16 is a horrible mark. If L'Ville beats Kentucky this Saturday it will go to 7-17 with 7 straight wins for the Big East.

If I had to rank the conferences after week #2 I'd go...

1. Pac Ten (I don't know how you could argue against 'em)
2. SEC
3. Big Twelve (strong week #2 with Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Mizzou gettin' the job done)
4. Big East
5. Big Ten
6. ACC

The Pac Ten has a weak non-conf plate this weekend. They have a ton of home games against lesser teams in the MWC/WAC. Their only two quality games are...

1. USC at Nebraska
2. Ohio State at Washington

I think they'll win both of 'em though.

The Big East has a solid test this weekend. 5 big games and 4 of those are on the road.

West Virginia at Maryland (ACC)
Pitt at Michigan State (Big Ten)
L'Ville at Kentucky (SEC)
Cincy at Miami of Ohio (MAC)

Illinois (Big Ten) at Syracuse

Some good tests there. We'll know more (obviously) after this weekend.

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