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Originally Posted by MountaineerDave View Post
Folks who wanted to argue against the Pac 10 would point out Cincy's 34-3 shellacking of Oregon State.
It's their only blemish. Arizona losing by 13 at BYU and Wash State losing by 21 at Wisconsin is perfectly acceptable IMO.

Originally Posted by MountaineerDave View Post
I've been of the opinion that the Big East is easily better than the ACC the last year and two weeks.
I think you're not givin' your boys enough credit Dave. The Big East was easily the 2nd best conference last year and is clearly better than the ACC and Big Ten thru the first two weeks of this season.

Originally Posted by MountaineerDave View Post
I think one of the problems with your thesis here might be about what SEC teams are losing to Big East teams. Vandy (as an example) are likely to lose. As is Miss State (WVU had them on the schedule last year and again this year). As is Kentucky.

Yes, everyone knows WVU "stunned" everyone (but me and my grandpa) in the Sugar Bowl by taking it to Georgia, but that kind of surprise win over SEC competition has been pretty rare. In general, just as is true of the SEC, Big East wins have been over teams that those Big East teams should beat. (The SEC plays outside their conference periodically, too, but they take on teams like Duke, Baylor, UNC, etc.)

I'm not defending the SEC here, btw. I'm just trying to explain why the media would ignore these numbers. are the stats year by year.

Virginia Tech (9-3) 38 Alabama (7-5) 7 (Music City Bowl)
Florida (10-2) 31 Syracuse (8-4) 10 (Gainesville)
Tennessee (13-0) 34 Syracuse (8-4) 33 (Syracuse)

Syracuse (7-5) 20 Kentucky (6-6) 13 (Music City Bowl)

2000 West Virginia (7-5) 49 Ole Miss (7-5) 38 (Music City Bowl)

Syracuse 31 (10-3) Auburn (7-5) 14 (Syracuse)
Tennessee (11-2) 33 Syracuse (10-3) 9 (Knoxville)
Miami (12-0) 37 Florida (10-2) 20 (Sugar Bowl)
Boston College (8-4) 20 Georgia (8-4) 16 (Music City Bowl)

Auburn (9-3) 37 Syracuse (4-8) 34 (Auburn)
Miami (12-1) 41 Florida (8-5) 16 (Gainesville)
Virginia Tech (10-4) 26 LSU (8-5) 8 (Blacksburg)
South Carolina (5-7) 42 Temple (4-8) 21 (Columbia)
Miami (12-1) 26 Tennessee (8-5) 3 (Knoxville)
Tennessee (8-5) 35 Rutgers (1-11) 14 (Knoxville)

Miami (11-2) 38 Florida (8-5) 33 (Miami)
Tennessee (10-3) 10 Miami (11-2) 6 (Miami)


Rutgers (4-7) 37 Vanderbilt (2-9) 34 (Nashville)

Louisville (9-3) 31 Kentucky (3-8) 24 (Lexington)
West Virginia (11-1) 38 Georgia (10-3) 35 (Sugar Bowl)

Louisville (12-1) 59 Kentucky (8-5) 28 (Louisville)
West Virginia (11-2) 42 Miss. State (3-9) 14 (Starkville)

South Florida 26 Auburn 23 (Auburn)


Since the defection you have got some teeth there Dave. Rutgers beat Vandy in Dixie when both were equally horrid. The WVU - Georgia Sugar Bowl was conf. champ vs. conf. champ though.

L'Ville has gotten the better of Kentucky but the Cats are improved. This year's game is in Lexington. Shouldn't we see a better output by UK?

Overall, the numbers are pretty bad for the SEC. The general thought was the Big East was gonna flop after the defection but if you simply take the overall record of the teams who remained in the Big East as well as though who have joined (USF) then you get a mark of 9-5.
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