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Originally Posted by MountaineerDave View Post
As conferences overall, you may be correct. I worry about the Big East defenses, though, overall. I wouldn't have wanted WVU or Louisville to take on say, last year's OSU or Florida, or maybe even Texas.

(I probably talked a bunch of crap last season, but in retrospect, and going into this season, Big East defenses--specifically, WVU & L'ville, are frightfully bad. UofM bad.)

This year, I'd happily put WVU up against Florida, OSU, Texas. But, I'd be worried about taking on USC, LSU and Oklahoma.

Whoa. Something just occurred to me: Is Bo Pellini going to be interested in a move to Ann Arbor? Or will he take over LSU when Les Miles goes to UofM?
I don't understand why Pellini isn't the guy for the job in Ann Arbor. I just posted a thread about this. I'm probably bias though.

Everyone seems to be concerned with the defenses in the Big East and I suppose there is concern with WVU and L'Ville givn' up so many points thru 2 weeks. Rutgers gave up 17 to Navy after blankin' 'em last year.

I don't know...I think they'll come around. Cincy's performance was dominating and Kelly is allegedly an "offensive" coach. Though the competition has been weak, UConn's D has done a good job.
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