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If SEC fans were to start going off on you, Mike, you could write them off as mouth-breathing rednecks, because all you've done is point to truth.

It is fair to say that this Auburn team is not the solid Auburn team of two or three years ago, but they're similarly fast, tough. Crappier QB, much crappier running back, but overall similar to past Tigers teams. South Florida won by only three, but coulda/shoulda won by nine or twelve, had they hit an FG or three.

I'd be willing to buy WVU or L'ville putting 50 on the board v the Gators, but I don't know if either could keep the Gators from scoring their own 50. After seeing MTSU rip L'ville's defense to shreds for 30 minutes, I doubt that they can go undefeated until the WVU game. In WVU's defense, seven of Marshall's points should have been disallowed, because that first TD was off a pass thrown over the line of scrimmage. It wasn't even close, but it was missed anyway.

I think Coach Rod didn't complain because he knew the second half was going to be different.
I know I was complaining, though. It was the first time my 4.5month old got to hear me go off during a football game. He cried. I felt guilty.

The middle and lower tier teams of conferences have been getting closer for some time, imo. I still think there's a vast difference between Southern Cal, LSU and Oklahoma and, say, WVU, BC and Ohio State. This year, that is.
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