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Originally Posted by Dublin Mike View Post
I dunno about LSU, but I wouldn't say that about UF up there just yet. Not until after this weekend when we see how the rebuilt defense copes against a real offense. WVU and Louisville might put up 50 on UF.

And think of this. Auburn has been one of the SEC's top teams the last several years. For South Florida to go into their house and beat them speaks volumes about how the conferences are beginning to come closer talent wise.

(as the SEC fans here go off on me )
Mike, I agree with you and Dave (?????) I thought all last week before the game that they could give Auburn a run for their money, and was actually excited that they won the game (USF is my husband's alma mater, btw). Imagine that, me not blindly rooting for an SEC team.....

Oh, and I wholeheartedly agree that WVU & Louisville could put up 50+ points vs this year's UF defense - that is the only thing that scares me about Saturday's game against UT - Ainge > WKU & Troy's QB's.
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