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Ha ha... welcome to the boards man. Funny you posted this - I touched on this "Favre for MVP" in the "NFC" thread yesterday. So I'll recap.

Brady is handsdown the LOCK for MVP. Favre does not even come close. MVP is not about who is the most valuable. Its about single season stats. If doing more with less won you MVP's then Tom Brady would have won MVP in 2003 and 2004 when he won 2 Superbowls with nobody's. Who won the MVP then? Peyton Manning did while he was setting records with a HOF cast. Hell, Brady could have won it last year too for almost winning the AFC Champ game a bunch of nobody's again.

I understand what you are saying because back in 2003-04 I was the guy crying out saying Brady is gong 14-2 with no pro-bowl WR's or any probowlers on his team. I used to say, "if Brady had Manning's WR's he'd be the MVP, ect, ect." Well now that he has those type of WR's he is showing us just why he could be the best QB to ever play in the NFL. Its his turn for MVP now - he has the numbers (and more) that got Peyton his MVP.
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