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Default Re: Re: Predictions

Originally posted by Spike
If I'm one of the people that these quotes are directed at, I just wanted to say I never made a prediction about this series before it started so I don't know exactly how I could be "wishy-washy". Predictions aren't that big of a deal anyways. Either you're right or you're wrong so it's like whatever. I'm more interested in the analysis of the game rather than saying this team will win this game with this score but lose this next game by this much. Anyone can say anything they want but you won't really know until the game is played and over so there's really no point.
No, no -- I wasn't referring to you...... what's your analysis on Game 6?? Where did the Yankees go!??? They sure didn't show up at Bank One in Arizona!! I stopped watching after 4 innings -- I can't stand that much offense in a baseball game. Tonight better be good or else I'll just watch until the game gets out of hand, then tune in later for the post-game show.
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