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Originally Posted by ghostofSC View Post
All due respect Marc, but it sounds like the opportunities are there right now. A job at a major sports publication for $10 to $12 an hour is a tremendous opportunity. Unless your dad is the owner, you don't start out as a GM or a sports columnist. You prove yourself and work your way up. If you're really serious about working in sports, that's where you start. And you work your ass off to get to the next level. Then you rinse and repeat.

A lot of guys who have the jobs you want started by taking that part time job at 5 a.m. for a lot less money than $10 an hour. They just made sure they were the best story rummager in the building and never thought twice about making sure the lowliest job was done to perfection.
I would love to work in sports, but there are other opportunities out there I am going after. I can't afford to do anything part-time for that little pay now. I am interviewing at an Internet marketing company that offers full-time pay and benefits. A youthful startup my friend works at.

I realize you don't start in management and am going for entry-level jobs. If they had a full-time position at that level in sports, I'd consider it. But I am overqualified to go be an intern with no benefits and work crappy hours for crappy pay. This website gives me a unique background with unique experience and I shouldn't have to scrub floors with my credentials. I know I'll get flak for this, but I started my own business, grew it to substantial levels with several dozen people working for me, an ad client list of close to 50, and did this for going on 11 years. Why should I have to work alongside a college kid whose experience is waiting tables and bagging groceries? Anyone can do that, very few have a successful small business coming out of college, and it gives me unique skills and experience to bring to the table.

The company I am interviewing for tomorrow, which is growing like a weed and planning an IPO, has talked extensively with me about this site and they understand and appreciate what I bring to the table. A lot of what I do with this site may be impervious to posters here, such as working out business deals and managing a writing staff. So I'm sorry, I realize despite this site, I have to prove myself a lot more and work from the entry level, but I'm not going to believe for a minute that I bring NOTHING to the table compared to your average college kid who's done nothing out of the ordinary. If I were to take a crap job in sports, I would do it either out of desperation or because I have no respect or appreciation for what I've built. It would be me saying instead of starting my own company (which, by the way, pays more than any entry-level job), I should have spent my adolescence picking my nose at Blockbuster. I'm sorry, but ***** that.

Make no mistake, my head is not so big that I think I've created the Roman empire. I have a lot, lot, to learn and experience. But I've done the best I can do in creating a website that I am proud of and that is attractive enough that dozens of talented writers want to contribute, advertisers contact me, and paid my living expenses through college. I have a lot of hard work ahead and don't think anything should just be handed to me, but I am proud of what I've accomplished thus far.
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