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If I ever find the time or ever have the desire to return to the boards full-time, it would likely be an area that I would avoid. I understand some of the members frustration to a degree in not being able to express emotionally through the use of four-letter words (or what have you) their dislike or hatred over something sports related, as the site may have started with some younger participants but most of the core members since I have been around have all been around my age or older and could certainly handle profanity, as long as it's not obnoxious. But I think the last thing any site needs to be is loosely moderated.

Maybe I am just misinterpreting your ideas behind a so-called "Velvet Room," but one of the great things about this message board compared to a ton of others is that things are fairly well moderated and controlled. Where other boards are constantly littered with spammers and trolls, this board is primarily a community of members (or used to be) who we all have a pretty strong feel for, regardless of whether we like that person or not.

To me, as I read it, a "Velvet Room" would just be a breeding ground for trolls, insults and attacks, etc., which would likely carry over and lead to drama and frustration in other threads as people go off-topic and divert the attention away from the real topic of the thread someone started to generate honest discussion.

Give it a shot. But, as I said, I would likely stay clear of the venom that's likely to be spewed in it.
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