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Originally Posted by jneuberger View Post
Couldn't be more wrong, Anthony.

Say you have two them Persons A and B.

Person A takes a job for high money, finds out in a few months he hates the job and isn't the right man for it. His family hates their new home, so is willing to take a pay cut to move to a position that fits him better, despite the bad timing and heat he would take, which he does in doses.

Of course you conveniently omit the part that Person A's first-string quarterback got injured in an exhibition game and he simply quit like the coward that he is because he kept picking up the newspaper every Tuesday and saw that his team wasn't favored to win.

Person B has a job for a decent amount of years and has achieved many successes in it. However, he does this while not following the bylaws that he is responsible for with his job. Knowing that if he's caught, he will be reprimanded, or worse, fired in shame, he scrambles for a new job before the storm arrives and leaves for a great position, leaving his employer stuck to pick up the pieces.

Easy to see that Person A is Petrino and Person B is Carroll. The difference is this. What Bobby Petrino did has been done millions of times in the working world and will be done numerous times today. If people are unhappy with their jobs, they're going to leave. Now, BP caught tremendous fire because Arthur Blank came on the night before and said he was staying. Sure, if (and I say if because Arthur Blank isn't Mr. Clean here) Petrino said he'd stay, that wasn't the smartest move (Nick Saban's remarks were MUCH more blatant). But then again, if you have two options, told your current boss that you'd stay, go back home and realize just how upset your family was about that decision (as Petrino's was), would you go back in and change your mind the next day? Whose loyalty counts more....your wife and kids, or your boss?

Then look at Carroll...his intentions were clear. He knew for the sake of his career he had to get when the getting was good. The difference though is this: did Petrino cheat? did Petrino break thousands of rules? No. Carroll left because the writing was on the wall. Petrino left because he realized where he belonged, and it wasn't Atlanta. You can villify Bobby Petrino all you want (though I'd say you'd be hypocritical for doing it), but his intentions compared to Carroll, who left USC in absolute disgust, are like apples to oranges...heck, apples to hot dogs...not even close.

Cheat? Give me a break. In the nit-picking world of the NCAA, taking a player to McDonald's and buying him a 9-piece Chicken McNuggets is "cheating."

Even the Soviet Union gave its student-athletes - such as its hockey team - a cash stipend. So the NCAA is even worse than the Communists.

Originally Posted by doublee View Post
Yet, you will readily fire Andy Reid who has had far more success than Mora ever did.

The thing with Mora is the Falcons had one great year and two overwhelmingly mediocre seasons. He has not done himself any favors by implying his dream job is at the University of Washington. As I said it did not look as though he had a lot of backers in the locker room given how poorly the team played down the stretch last season.

But by today's standards, Reid has been no more "successful" than, say, Rod Marinelli was with the Lions; and you know that my own personal objections to Fat Boy have completely different origins from that.

As for Mora: Fire him after one year, in which his starting quarterback missed how many games?

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