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Originally Posted by buckeyefan78 View Post
I watched The Graduate again the other night.

Back in the day I was pretty indifferent on it but with the garbage being spewed out over the last 20 or so years it makes you appreciate a movie with actual character development.

No way it could be released today. It moves a little slow for its chance in hell the young folks nowadays would tolerate a flick without boobs and bombs exploding through the screen every 3 seconds.

Just watched Fail Safe with Henry Fonda...again for the upteenth time. Another movie that needs 'the want' to watch characters/plot being fleshed out which isn't a staple in today's instant gratification mode.

Originally Posted by catman View Post
I spent 8 hours doing a clinical rotation for my EMT class today in my local ER. Nothing I'd never done before, although holding kids getting stitches is like trying to hold eels.

You're still my hero, Cat...
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