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My God, let's have a feel-good post game party why don't we. What is wrong with you people? Aristides, you should still hate OSU and Ricky you especially should still hate Michigan because you lost to them. Screw the Big Ten, you should hate Michigan. And you call your rivalry the best. What is going on? I still hate Alabama more than anything in this country (the only two I hate more in the world are Sadaam and bin Laden, and that's only because we beat Alabama). You should too if your rivalry is so big and bad. I always here people gloating about how great the rivalry is, guess what Bo and Woody are gone, the rivalry hasn't been as intense since. I guess it goes to show that a rivalry out of state ain't the same as the Iron Bowl or FSU vs. UF, or any other big rivalry in-state because you don't live with as many of those rival fans ever. I live in GA, but lived in Bama and that's just me, most Auburn fans live in Bama and most Bama fans do too. The hate and passion played in that rivalry is much higher than the UM vs. OSU rivalry. That stadium was absolutely electric last Saturday night, and Auburn and Bama were having extremely disappointing seasons, it was the most combined losses ever in an Iron Bowl, and just being there, you'd have thought that it was #1 vs. #2. It was an amazing atmosphere. So just to top this off, SCREW BAMA 3 out of 4 you *******es.
2 in a row over those dawgs
Doesn't get any better than that
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