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I'm guessing that Plummer will be in instant hit, or Shanahan will be fired at year's end. I don't know if Plummer's a better QB than Griese; he really hasn't proven anything since his ASU days, except perhaps a penchant for color-blindness and inaccuracy. He had three great to pretty good reciever the last couple years in Boston, Frank Sanders, and MarTay Jenkins, but continued NOT to complete passes. He has tons to prove in Denver. I hope for Broncos' fans' sake, he is willing to prove it.

Griese also has tons to prove. I expect no one will give the asking price for him, so he'll cease being a Bronco on June 1, when he's given his release. If the Broncos reduce their ask price to something like a 4th or 5th round pick, they could create a market for him and actually work several 2nd day picks or a 3rd round pick for him, but I'd be stunned to see him be traded for anything higher than a 3rd rounder.

As for where he'll go: hmmm. Is Baltimore out of the question? They haven't signed Blake yet, and its beginning to look increasingly unlikely that they will, and they need someone to either start or backup Redman. I personally still think Dallas will get him, but Parcells won't overpay for him.

On Blake, by the by, the Steelers are talking to him to backup Tommy. I like the move. I've always been a Blake fan, and would approve of his being a Steeler, and maybe taking the starting job from a backsliding Maddox.

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