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People are a little reserved, to be frank. Don't get me wrong....we are all thrilled that red is likely GONE....but people wonder about Reggie's finances.

Not so much that he can't afford the 30%, because a loan from the NFL of $125m, means he only has to front 30% of $500m, which he can easily do. But, the concern is does he have the capital to keep the team competative year after year.

He said in the PC today, that he is moving his family AND business here when the deal is finalized.

He siad he has three partners in this deal. local auto magnante Denny Hecker will be his local rep, probably to help with the stadium push.

The other two are, the Wilf Family and Alan Landis. Anybody from the East Coast, specifically NY/NJ know much about these two, and what they bring to the table?
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