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Tark-- I wondered about this, too.

I have the following thoughts, to none of which I'm married:
1. He's been living an embellished life for awhile. Why? Who knows? Why did George O'Leary lie on his resume? Same reasons...
2. The media likely pursued it because someone (can you say Glen Taylor?) suggested that if they looked into some things, they'd find he was... embellishing. But, it doesn't need to have been Taylor. Could be anyone. Another owner, maybe, fearful of having his move to LA taken from him (NO's Benson? Indy?) Or maybe someone who's held a grudge against the guy for stealing some real estate from him, or something like that.
What causes anyone to question a person's LLWS annotation on a resume. Personally, I think this Fowler fellow has some long-time enemies, but... I might just be writing the dumbed-down version of Playmakers.

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