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Originally posted by PurpleReign009
How the hell is USC not good? They score over 40ppg
Right at that exact moment in your post is when I stopped reading.

You want to know WHY they don't deserve a title shot if both they and LSU win out??????? Because USC LOST TO CAL. LSU LOST TO FLORIDA. Cal sucks, and they havn't played anyone else but another overratd Pac 10 team in Washington State. Their schedule is worse than LSU's, I don't care what the computers say.

LSU's SOS ratings are low because the ***** teams they played were *****ier than USC's ***** teams-- but that doesn't mean *****! Cause the good teams LSU played are far, far better than those that USC played.

USC lost to Cal, they lost two games last year. They are still riding the wave of their big win over the most wrongly hyped team of the year in Auburn, and I can't wait till they get crushed--either by Michigan or Oklahoma. Thats another thing right there. If USC were to beat Michigan, I'd have to hear more crap about how USC is better than Ohio State, and I just don't think I could take anymore of that right now, I'll snap.

And I'm not inconsistent in thinking Oklahoma would blow out USC, even though I stated Oklahoma isn't as good as their hype either. Oklahoma is the best team this year, they just aren't the best team ever, or of the past decade. LSU would give them a game though.
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