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Cool Let it slide...

I think that we would attract more people and have more fun if we let people duke it out here.

I mean, in the end there are not going to be any hard feelings. So why not keep the swearing censored, but let threads with fighting keep going?

Come on mods, even if you don't want tp admit it, nobody likes to see a thread get locked down that people are ripping each other apart on.

It is fun for every one. And it gets more people posting and it gets them posting more often.

I know that I am not the owner or a mod here, but after a year and 4k posts here I have noticed that some fighting wouldn't hurt any one. It is probably healthy

I am not saying that any huge arguments have happened in the past month, but one of the reasons for that is that they get locked down the second somebody says something bad to someone else.

Like spammers and people who post crap why ban them when we could just rip them apart?

like...t13...I hate to bring up the name, but who wouldnt like to see that guy still around here? Sure, he said some crazy and stupid ****, but it adds something.

Ok... I am done.

I was just thinking that that would help the boards so decided to lay it by.

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