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I agree with Kevin here ellis.

I think I'm a good example of what Kevin is talking about.

I LIKE TO BELIEVE that I make good logical points with tact and in a non-offensive behavior most of the time, with my occassional " Al Sharpton" personality ( to borrow Kevin's words ) blabbering about things I can't get across, but others have fun picking on me for ( Dave, Kevin, Mike)....LOL. I think for the most part, if people who have been on here for awhile don't like what I'm saying, or get pissed at me, they write it off as " crazy 78 talk" and we move on sooner or later. I'm pretty fine with that. I do have a wife and friends who have to deal with me too, and treat me accordingly...LOL

Most in-fighting in here DOES go for awhile between posters with seniority, so I think that is good, provided we don't get REAL nasty. I know I've ticked off a lot of people and I'm sure everytime Dave sees I've posted something, he approaches it with curiosity and a " let's see what crazy b.s. 78 wrote is" mentality. But if Dave couldn't yell at me for my stubborness, I think the boards would be kind of empty in his heart, right Dave? !!!!!!!!!.....LOL.
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