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So, I find this neither surprising nor more deleterious to the integrity of the game than the admissions by deceased MVP Ken Caminiti and occasional jailbird Jose Canseco.

The facts are these: guys, baseball players, are on the juice. And have been for some time.

The real question (and I think we've seen the question answered several times in recent years) is: What is BASEBALL going to do to try to limit the number of guys who are on steroids? Can BASEBALL govern itself in this matter? Will John McCain and Congress once again threaten the anti-trust status of the BASEBALL in an effort to effect some control over the game's integrity?
Will BASEBALL continue to cover its eyes and speak from both sides of its mouth, with Bud hissing for a stronger tests, knowing full well there isn't a soul making money in the game who gives a damn.

In some way, I think Steinbrenner can be the hero here. Odd, given that he's always the goat, the villain in the game. But, I think he can make a big, bright, glaring neon sign example of Jason Giambi. First, cut him. And don't wait for the weekend. Just bring him in, make sure he's feeling healthy enough to understand that he is no longer an employee of the Yankees, and that he can have his attorney contact the Yankees attorneys to attempt to obtain his paycheck. Wish him well, and never speak of or to him again.

And when Giambi is passing through the halls of the offices in the bowels of Yankee Stadium, Gary Sheffield will wander by, on his way to get the same exact news from the Boss.

And, before either player has the opportunity to contact their lawyers, file class action lawsuits against them for defrauding their employer, the fans of the game, endangering the lives of every pitcher they've ever hit against, and lying (presumably) to the team each and everytime the team medical staff has asked "Ever use 'roids?" *(Of course, I'm presuming the team medical staff is out of the loop. If they aren't, the Boss AGAIN gets to stand up for all of BASEBALL and fires each member of the medical staff, and files suits against them for negligence.)

Steinbrenner might be able to convince the random owner to join him in his fight, and while he might not win the cases in court, he will have so overwhelmingly won the case in the court of public opinion that the people will be clamoring for the player's association to give up their deceitful and disgusting stance.

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