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The "BJ" you mention made good media fare. Clinton could have put a stop to all of it if he admitted it all and went on from there. But we all know how it turned out.
Agreed. I'm sure if he had it over to do again he would do exactly what you are suggesting. He would saved some of his reputation had he done that.

Repubicans and Democrats savage each other; perhaps in equal measure. But we need to put a stop to it when it affects the governance of the nation.
True statement. However I am not optimistic that the good of the nation will ever become number one priority in government again. Partisanship is at an alltime high, I believe, and we need moderates on both sides to take the lead. The people I agree with most are probably not the best candidates right now. My vote will go to the most moderate and some one open to all ideas.
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