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Once again, everyone knows my takes on the outcomes of each of these games by reading my straight up picks. I’ll just make a quick run through of the spread.

September 16, 2007

Buffalo Bills +10
Pittsburgh Steelers
Steelers win, but the Bills don’t roll over. Bills cover.

Cincinnati Bengals -7.5
Cleveland Browns
Cincinnati to win and give the points, this game will be a runaway early.

Indianapolis Colts
Tennessee Titans +7.5
Titans were one of the teams to upset the Colts last year, they also looked good on the ground last week. Titans stay in this one and cover.

Houston Texans +7
Carolina Panthers
Panthers will win, but the Texans are getting better. Houston to cover.

San Francisco 49ers
St. Louis Rams -3
Rams to win and give the points.

Green Bay Packers +2
New York Giants
Take the points? Heck, I’ll take the win for the Pack. With or without Eli Manning.

Atlanta Falcons +10.5
Jacksonville Jaguars
The Falcons may be Vickless, but I don’t think the Jaguars have the offense to run up the score. Take Atlanta to cover.

New Orleans Saints -4
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Saints will redeem themselves this week. Take the win and give the points.

Minnesota Vikings +3.5
Detroit Lions
I have Detroit to win in this matchup, but the Vikings defense keeps it to a winning field goal. Viking cover.

Dallas Cowboys -4
Miami Dolphins
After Tony Romo went nuts on the Giants, and the Dolphins lost to Washington…Give the points.

Seattle Seahawks -3
Arizona Cardinals
Cardinals still just have a way of falling short. Seahawks win, give the points.

New York Jets +10
Baltimore Ravens
Ravens defense will hold the Jets to a minimum, but their offense won’t run up the score. Take the Jets to cover.

Oakland Raiders
Denver Broncos -10
Denver had the numbers last week, just not the points. That changes at home this week. Take Denver, give the points.

Kansas City Chiefs +13
Chicago Bears
Rex Grossman is either really good or good for nothing, you can never tell who will show up. I wouldn’t gamble on a big score, Take the Chiefs to cover.

San Diego Chargers +4
New England Patriots
Patriots will win, but the Chargers will make it a two minute drill for Tom Brady. Chargers cover.

September 17th, 2007 Monday Night Football

Washington Redskins +7
Philadelphia Eagles
I would consider this a close match up after watching both teams last week. Eagles win, but the Skins cover.

And there it is my picks against the spread for week two. Good Luck everyone.
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