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Originally Posted by Dublin Mike View Post
78, I'm still beaming. This was so friggin great, I'm still in ecstasy. In all honesty, I thought we were going to get crushed. No way would we be able to keep up w/UF after the way we played all season. But this game was almost flawless. Stafford and Moreno both dominated, and the defense put Tebow on his backside all day.

I almost bumped the Tebow thread Jeff put up a while back, where I made the point that Tebow couldn't keep up the pace he was going all season. It was obvious yesterday that they could not run him the way they wanted. They must get a feature back to help carry the load. No one can take that pounding.
Yeah, I even liked the play-calling from what I saw (again, I was watchin' 4 games at once). Even that play action from the 1-yard line where Stafford got picked was a good call...just poorly executed.

It will be interesting to see what Meyer does to change the offense next year. Golden Boy will be a junior and ready to leave for the NFL. He'll want to be in one piece and surely want to showcase his ability to function in an NFL style offense. Getting sacked 6 times cuz the D can ignore the RB is gonna come up sooner or later.

LOL at bringin' up that thread Jeff started. He also berated me for not having Florida in my Top Ten.

Not to keep pounding on Meyer (gets a devilish grin) but this is what happens when you follow the media hype. Up until yesterday (and who knows about this week) all we kept hearing was Tebown for Heisman.

Christ, they have no defense and no rushing attack out of the spread that can keep the defense honest. Plus the D line is horrid.

With the talent and coaching ability Meyer truly has...this season should have never went down like it has.
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