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Originally Posted by Brad O. View Post
My brother-in-law is a Ravens fan, and I think he'd be the first to tell you that while Baltimore has made the playoffs a couple of times, they haven't been a genuine contender since that Super Bowl win, never advancing past the divisional round of the playoffs, and I will be the first to tell you that the 2000 Ravens were lucky to get their title and are far and away the worst Super Bowl winner in history.

Whether they were "lucky" or not is irrelevant; and any resemblance between the Ravens since then and say, the Arizona Cardinals over the same span, is purely coincidental. And the 2000 Ravens were not better than the lousy, 10-6 49ers of 1988 - who, in addition to their mediocre record, allowed far and away the most sacks of any SB champion ever (47)?

Is that right? I certainly agree that Berrian -- whom I labeled a #2 receiver -- would represent an upgrade over Brown, whom I called a #3. If Berrian would be replacing McNabb, however, I'd have to disagree. That's a sucker's trade.

Such a trade would never actually occur because Berrian will be an unrestricted free agent in March; the Eagles would be looking for draft picks in exchange for McNabb, which could then be used to defray the cost of acquiring Lee Evans from Buffalo (and make the latter deal more likely) if it came to that. But replace Reggie Brown with either Bernard Berrian or Lee Evans and you would open up all kinds of opportunities underneath; and quite possibly Kevin Curtis could ease into the same role Wes Welker has in New England - a role for which Curtis would be extremely well suited.

I like Evans quite a bit. He's better than any receiver -- except maybe Brian Westbrook -- on Philadelphia's roster.

But does anyone in the Eagles' front office recognize this?

And I say a season-ending six-game losing streak would spell the end for Andy Reid - just as a season-ending seven-game skid doomed Rich Kotite in 1994; and possible future Eagle Lee Evans could have a big say in whether or not that happens - for the Bills are at Philadelphia in the season finale, which is the only remaining game the Eagles have any realistic chance of winning, and then only if the Bills are out of the AFC playoff picture by then (a loss in Cleveland this Sunday would effectively eliminate Buffalo - and would mathematically do so if the Titans also lose, for what would be the sixth time in their last seven games against Kansas City).
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