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7th period I'm standing in the front of my room near the door (in comparison to my desk) doin' my lecture. All of a sudden a dog comes running thru the back door right by me, sniffs my foot, runs out the front door and out to the hallway.

I lean over and look in the hall to find one of my students holding a balloon and talking on a cell phone. She sees the dog running up to her, opens the exit and he scampers out. She turns to me and I see her shirt. It has a picture of a grilled cheese sandwich on it with a smiley face. Kinda like this one......but the teeth are replaced with a grill like the rappers wear. And the caption below it says "Grilled Cheese"...get it?

(deep exhale)

All you can do at that point is make like Schultz...

"I know nothing, I see nothing and I say nothing!"

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