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Default Week 1: Monday Morning QB Round Table

Brett Favre: OK debut but a little too much 'blind' commentary on the fluke TD. Still going to be a rough year in NY.

Panthers: I still don't like Delhomme no matter he does.

Bears played a solid game against Indy tho it was obvious that the weakened Colt OL & Manning were far from in sync.

Brady gone is a shame cuz I enjoy watching the best at work. We'll see how good Belichick really is now cuz the Patriots are in a world of hurt & didn't play well.

Flacco did decently for being thrown in the fire. He's one I was hoping the Bears to take a shot on so I don't want him to do too well.

My, have the Seahawks fallen...even further.

NO uses Bush right for a change but that's basically cuz everything else was working. Poor Chucky.

Lotta hoopla for McNabb which he deserved but also remembering, this was still the Rams.

Dallas & Romo look like they're ready & willing in crushing the Browns (with a bit of Browns help). Romeo, Romeo, where art thou & team, Romeo?

Still hard to believe that Warner still has something in the tank...

What a bad week for Jag offensive linemen...whew.

& the biggest question outside of how Aaron Rodgers will do in his debut still is:

How in the Hell does Matt Millen keep his job in Detroit? 318 yards rushing to an Atlanta team that you knew was going to run that had a brand spanking new 1st time HC & QB?
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