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Is the balance of power starting to finally shift? Two of the supposed AFC elite lose at home to NFC teams considered to be fringe playoff teams at best. You will not find many who think the Bears or Panthers are going to win more than 10 games this year.

Flacco played well enough to win, but barely completing 50% against a mediocre Bengals secondary is not a good sign, especially when none of his completions went for more than 15 yards.

The Falcons had the perfect game plan using Ryan to set up the run and not relying on him to win the game.

Yes, it was only the Rams but keep in mind those numbers were also put up without Reggie Brown and Kevin Curtis in the lineup who are supposedly Philly's two best receivers.

Micheal Turner showed why the Chargers fought tooth and nail to keep him as long as they possibly could.

The NFC West is probably the worst division in football this year with the AFC West coming in a close second. I give the AFC West a slight nod simply because the Chargers are better than anything the NFC West has to offer.

Matt Forte looks like the real deal as do Chris Johnson and DeSean Jackson though it is still too early in the season crown any of them legit just yet.

Aaron Rodgers is looking like the real deal as well right now. He has looked very good against what is supposed to be a quality defense.

Tavaris Jackson is showing exactly why the Vikings are a pretender and not a contender right now.

For the love of God can the MNF crew STOP with the Aaron Rodgers/Brett Favre comparisons. It is utterly embarrassing to even mention the two in the same breath right now aside from Rodgers being Favre's successor.
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