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Originally Posted by Don Lapre View Post
"Ratings" from other posters is a very gay feature for a board to have.

Most people are certifiable idiots.

I'd prolly view it as a badge of honor if some numbnut gave me a negative score.
Couldnít agree more. I just find it funny that some gonadless wonder got pissy cuz I put up a picture of a random b-itch in the Kurt Warner thread after about two weeks of no activity in said thread. Ainít like nobody reads or starts threads in here anyway. 99% of the a-holes on here are in desperate need of a father figure. I canít help it Iím not gonna play momma to the mommaís boys.

Originally Posted by da12ken View Post
What exactly was the inappropriate comment buck? Or would typing it lead to more negative points?
It wasn't a comment. It was me posting the random b-itch. I probably shocked some poor child on here who has never seen a set of titties in his life.

Originally Posted by themush View Post
"You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to buckeyefan78 again."
:lol: :lol: :lol:

And it's sad when mush is the biggest badass on SC. Punk-ass-Gator-lovin'-b-itch.

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