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Originally Posted by catman
Toby, my baseball preview thread is up. The Royals could be an interesting team this season. They will certainly be a better team than they have been in recent years.
That's what I want to see. Dayton Moore has been a wonderful addition as the club's general manager, and as long as the team continues to make positive strides, I don't care how long they stay in the cellar of the American League Central. If they keep progressing, they will eventually get to the place they need to be.

I do think Trey Hillman has to prove this year that he's worthy of being this team's day-to-day manager. He's a hell of a nice guy and great when it comes to scouting talent, but he has to manage the game much more efficiently than he did his first year out.

Sports talk in the 20,001 thread? I don't remember if this is allowed or not.
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