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No baseball statistician would consider VORP an advanced metric. It used to be but now it's used by people to mockingly decry sabermetrics ("those eggheads with their VORP..."). And I've never even heard of TotalZone.

Sacrifice flies are one of the most valuable things in baseball? Maybe, in the sense a 1:1 ratio for runs to outs. But sac flies say extremely little about a player's talent. It, along with RBI, is mostly about circumstance.

I agree about VORP not being a good stat to measure value or talent (unless you want to measure offense production... but there's better stats for that). I've never seen people use VORP to vouch for a player's defense. Whoever is doing that obviously needs to do more homework.

The concept of replacement level is fine. Outliers like Utley are going to be averaged out by all the crappy hitting second basemen out there. And if defense is accounted for (hopefully by using Fielding Bible along with several other metrics) it should give a reasonable win value for position X.
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