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I understand that you need to have opportunities to get RBI. But, to go from there to saying that the stat is mainly about circumstance doesn't seem to be accurate.

For instance, a lot of people compare Ryan Howard to Adam Dunn, in terms of big power hitters, low averages, tons of strikeouts. The huge difference between the players is that Howard hit .309 with runners on and Dunn hit .235.

So, yes, Howard got more chances, but, who would you want hitting in those situations? There's a huge gap in the answer. A lot of stats people make the mistake of thinking Dunn's value is there with Howard because his overall stats are similar outside of RBI. But, if he had all those chances that Howard did, there would just be a lot more men left on base.

And, this is why Adam Dunn has little interest and why Howard asked for 18mill in arbitration (and most likely would have got it). You have to make sure you balance the statistical analysis with some of the traditional aspects of the game.
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