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Originally Posted by doublee View Post
Probably why Howard just got the $18 mil per year contract and Dunn is still an unsigned free agent.
Barry Zito signed a big contract a couple of years ago too...

My point? General managers aren't the best judges of talent.

Doug mentions batting average with runners on base. Did it ever occur to you that such a stat is also team dependent?

Who did each player have hitting behind them for most of their careers? If we look at last season, Howard was followed by Pat Burrell. Adam Dunn on the other hand was "protected" by Edwin Encarnacion.

Adam Dunn played most of the season on one of the league's worst offenses while Howard played on one of the leagues best.

In short, pitchers had to pitch to Howard, they didn't have to pitch to Dunn, as evident by Dunns 122 walks to Howards 81. Or Dunn's .386 OBP to Howards .339.

Dunn's low average with runners on base is a result of the team around him more than a reflection of his ability. He was forced to swing at "pitcher's pitches," or take a walk with runners on base. Howard was afforded the luxuary of "protection."
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