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Originally Posted by NAR(cotics) View Post
I disagree, the players will have to learn and adapt if the game adds two more. Its simple, you get paid, you better perform, ALL SEASON LONG

I don't think you quite get where I'm coming from here. The impetus for the change won't come from individual running backs complaining about it, but rather from the coaches, etc., who won't believe that one running back in general - and the scatback types in particular - will be able to physically hold up in the longer season.

Furthermore, the approach favored by owners like Daniel Snyder; namely, build a roster consisting primarily of aging veterans who appear to have "back class" (to borrow a horse-racing phrase) because they went to a Pro Bowl ten years before - will fall by the wayside entirely, as such a team will never be able to get through an 18-game season.
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