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Hello Everyone,

Soccer is a global sport played both professionally and for fun. It is more commonly known as "football" in all countries except the United States of America. Soccer has been increasing in popularity in the United States with the help of various soccer organizations. Males and females of all ages play soccer.

The first activity that included kicking a ball originated in China during the second and third centuries B.C. Medieval Europe also had a range of soccer games played. In 1848, Cambridge University created the "Cambridge Rules" to regulate the game, but not all clubs adopted them. The Football Association was created in 1863. All did not welcome this, and many individual associations were created throughout Europe. The International Football Association Board was created in 1886 to set the official rules of the game. FIFA was established in 1904 and adopted IFAB laws. Soccer is played around the globe and said to be the most popular sport in the world.

FIFA is the international governing body of soccer. It consists of six regional confederations. This includes the AFC: Asian Football Confederation, CAF: Confederation of African Football, CONCACAF: Confederation of North Central America and Caribbean Association Football, UEFA: Union of European Football Associations, OFC: Oceania Football Confederation and CONMEBOL: South American Football Confederation. Each of these confederations contain many national soccer clubs.

Soccer is a team competition that uses a round ball and is played in according to specific rules. Each team has eleven members and a goal. The object is to get the ball in the opposite team's goal. The field is a rectangular shape, with the goals on each end. The only player permitted to use their hands or arms during the game is the goalkeeper, except for throw-ins. A throw-in would occur when the ball goes out of the field of play. The other players use their feet, legs and head to move the ball. The game is played for two halves of forty-five minutes each, with a fifteen-minute halftime in between. The winner is the team with the most goals at the end. Extra time and a shoot-out may be added to determine a winner if a tie is not a viable outcome, as in the World Cup.

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