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Jack Knoff will become famous soon enough

He takes responsibility never.

The media never wet-dreamed they would have a _resident as wonderful as ObaMao - and it will always be someone else's fault.

They're blaming Bush 4 years later - and blaming the republicans, even though all they've done is hold 1/3 of the gov (House of Reps) for two of Barry's four years so far.


It's well beyond ludicrous.

But faculty lounges across the land luv Barry, so that's that.

I was just yankin' DETMURD's chain a little bit - and being a wee bit sarcastic.

Barry is the biggest pile of crap that has ever set foot in the oval office.

Fraud through and through.
Originally Posted by buckeye
Sounds to me like they're still waiting for a good old-fashion ass kicking.
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