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Originally Posted by Marc View Post
What are you implying?
If you remember back to when they "killed" OBL the story changed rapidly from minute to minute. We killed him. He died of friendly fire. We had the body. We dumped the body.

It was the equivalent of a mom walking in the kitchen only to discover her two young kids had ate the last piece of cake before dinner.

He did it!
She did it!
It was like that when I found it!
It was gone earlier today!

More and more "official stories" from the government are less believable. You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist or have an agenda to realize this. The technology age heightens these matters and the government has failed to catch up with a way to fool the public in the face of the technology boom.

Bottom line...we are getting evidence/other clues directly from people on the ground that the government ignores or refuses to address.

Not going to go too deep into 9/11 but when they released their findings the one thing (out of a ton of inconsistencies) that really hit home was that no people died in WTC Bldg 7. However, several reputable men who even worked in the building said not only did they see dead people in WTC 7 they touched them and even carried them. This deserves a response yet you get nothing. The report is final.
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