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We'll see. I don't really get why everyone is so high on Texas. They have to play in the Big 12 and more specifically Oklahoma. And Texas will not have a developed enough offense to beat OU. And I think that OU's secondary is in question. They just got torched against Oklahoma State and Texas A&M. People are saying stuff like this is the best defense college football has seen in five years, and they've had their question marks. And their offense should be far from great. I think they are overrated. I look for them to lose 2 or 3 next year. The same goes for Miami. Their defense looked pretty awful against Virginia Tech last year and that was at home. They were lucky they had all of that offensive fire power. And would people please stop making a big deal about their tight end. He is just a tight end. He is not going to win half their games for them. He might only win 2 or 3 if he's amazing. People are acting like he will win the Heisman or something. Then they should have a good running back (or so I've heard), and if the QB steps up they will have a pretty good team. So maybe they could escape out of the weak Big East undefeated again because they get alot back on defense, but I do not see them winning the Sugar Bowl or any other BCS bowl game. I think they will be beaten if they play a good team in a BCS game.

And I can't see Ohio State going undefeated. Lots of people are putting them repeating because they return their whole offense, but the offense was not the reason that they ran the table. It was the defense, and the defense loses some key guys. So, maybe Michigan could sneak into the Sugar Bowl or a BCS bowl out of the Big Ten.
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