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33, thanks for the link. I must say I am surprised to see Florida projected in the SEC Title game, and a 9-3 record for the Gators next year would be outstanding from where I see it. However, I don't think Florida will win the East and play in the SEC title game. I am with Mike on this one, for I have UT playing Auburn for a second time in the SEC Title game.

UT has already been burned once by beating LSU during the regular season, then to get beat by LSU in the SEC Title game a few years ago(a game that cost them a National title shot). 33, that would suck if Auburn went undefeated, and then lost in the SEC Championship game. I just don't like these Conference Championship games. One reason being the Big 10, Pac 10, ACC, Big East and others don't have such a game to ruin their season with. I hate the fact the SEC and Big 12 made these games up for money purposes.

Also, on a final thought, I sure hope Florida does not lose to Arkanslaw as the link suggested. That is a road game, but I could not stand the fact that Florida lost to them. They have owned Arkanslaw since they have been in the SEC, but have only played them a few times since the 12 team conference was started. The sad thing is if they lost to Arkanslaw, that would mean Florida would have lost to Mississippi Mistake, Ole Miss, and Arkanslaw all within a 4 year period.....ouch.

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