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Mikey, with the computer system someone is sitting there at the computer and marking the strike zone for each different batter, so it won't make a difference between Johnson or Eckstein.

I like the idea of the strike zone being done by computers right now. The level of skill in Major League umpires is in drastic decline as Umpires come up and just want to be stars. The computer system will take this aspect of things away from the umpires and get the game back to basics.

Umpires refuse to call inside strikes, so batters crowd the plate, get hit with pitches and then charge the mound. The computer system will back these batters off the plate (or strike them out) and brawls will go down to a point where the only fighting in baseball is deserved fighting. Deserved fighting being the Phillies-Reds brawl on Friday night where Dunn plowed the catcher over with a 10 run lead. You just don't do that and a brawl has to happen.

The one thing that pisses me off watching a baseball game is when pitchers control an umpire. Al Leiter is a good example of a pitcher who lacks a lot of ability at this point in his career so the only way Leiter can find success is if he paints the corners and off of the corners. If he throws in the strike zone, he'll get lit up. Leiter sets the tempo in the first couple innings and works the umpire like crazy to get his calls. If he gets them, he'll be successful because hitters will have to swing at crap, or sit down after a K. That's not good baseball and if the computer strike zone gets rid of that, I'm happy.

Like Brandon mentioned, the strike zone changes depending on where the umpire sets up, that has always been a problem in the sport and if this can fix that, fine.
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