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Originally Posted by Ellis View Post

But what are you going to do? TV is garbage, but it has more to do with the culture. You're not going to change it.

Idk... there's no way to stop it.
I probably agree with your conclusion that there's no way to stop it, but the relationship between a culture and its media is cyclical in my opinion. Yes, it is telling about our culture that the stuff the media puts out attracts viewers, but you can't tell me that television (which most Americans watch up to 8 hrs a day) doesn't shape minds, especially when you consider what people used to do during those 8 hrs, reading, communicating with human beings in their community, finding creative ways to have fun. I just look at the things the media celebrates (wealth, power, sex, consumerism) and then look at the attitude of the typical attitude of a young person today. Speaking for myself, I know the things that I have read and even certain well-done films I have watched have had some influence in shaping the person I am. It's definitely not all the fault of the media, but if there was no television today I think the attitude and character of the typical person in our country would be drastically improved.
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