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Originally Posted by CKFresh View Post
I can agree with you here, and it is happening, mostly because of the economy. Trade schools and community colleges are booming right now. Text book sales at trade schools and community colleges are on the rise. I think the average university or college increases enrollment by 1-2% per year. Trade and tech schools are increasing by more than 10%.
3 Problems:

1. The gap is still huge. Way more kids go to college than go to trade schools. Throw out community colleges. It's only a matter of a few years before Yale will be the equivalent of a community college if it isn't there now.

2. By the time there even approaches an ample supply of skilled labor to sustain American businesses those jobs will ALL be overseas. Hell, most of them are there now because employers have been unable to find replacements for retiring workers (us old folks) because those people actually knew how to do something. We are basically going to be educating and training people who will be used to continue China's massive growth. Not a big deal since China will own us all in a few years but just saying.

3. Federal funding for trade schools is completely out of balance in comparison to traditional academic institutions and the cost is too high. I understand that it's higher because you actually have to learn on machines but financial aid for said schools pales in comparison to state universities. This has been obvious for 30 years now with the collapse of manufacturing and to some extent - local agricultural. You make everyone go to college where they learn nothing of merit/have no skills, inherent a decent debt and then they go shuffle papers for 40 years because without skill and that debt...they can't quit/do something else.

That's what college has become: a ticket for the poor to HAVE A CHANCE at the middle class. A ticket for the middle class to maintain their class. And a ticket for the rich to continue their draconian rule over everyone. Don't get me wrong, it has always been this way to SOME extent but never before in the history of this society has it been so transparent, unapologetic and immoral.

And without more job diversity, it will only get worse as everyone must bow down to the almighty institution of college...where as my old college professor put it...logical folks, those with work ethic and independent thinkers go to die.
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