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Originally Posted by Tarkus
Holy ****, Doublee....

I just got back & read this from you. Needless to say, as a Bulls fan, I'm absolutely ecstatic. The only way I saw the Bulls & their odd mix of players continue to climb the ladder was their pesky to staunch defensive efforts. Wallace would help cement that without a doubt. Adding him to their league leading defensive FG % should be a Helluva sight, game in & game out...

Chandler was a decent stopgap defensively but was never enough on the offensive end to help them raise their game beyond what they've shown the last couple years. This just might be the somethin' that gets the Bulls back into the upper eschelon. I hope this story was reported correctly & stays the same cuz I'm amped to say the least....
Well, I would not necessarily characterize Wallace as being significantly better than Chandler offensively. I don't know about you, but I cringe every time I see him take a shot. Like Chandler he is little more than a garbage scorer where he scores the bulk of his points off the break and off of rebounds. The main thing is that he will give the Bulls 35+ minutes a game whereas Chandler only averaged about 26 last season.

The main thing Wallace brings to the table, and why this is a major deal for the Bulls, is an attitude that was sorely missing with the Bulls. Now the Bulls have that veteran leadership from someone who has won it all that they were sorely lacking. He gives them what Chandler did only he brings that attitude and swagger to the floor that Chandler doesn't, he bring those intangibles that winning teams have.
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