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Default Re: My Big Ten preview...

Originally posted by buckeyefan78
5)TIED- Penn State...4-4 ( 6-5 ). Paterno has no receivers, an average QB in Zach Mills, and a run of the mill RB situation. His lines are so-so, and his secondary has promise. 6 wins, a few close calls both ways, and a season that could be worse if Joe is really getting too old and senile for the game.
1. Agreed. Penn State has no receivers unless Phillips or Smith steps up early on.

2. Agreed. Zack Mills has proven nothing. He rode Larry Johnson's coat tails in 2002 and showed what he could do last season and that was with two close to quality receivers.

3. Disagree. Austin Scott, Rodney Kinlaw and Tony Hunt are all tremendous running backs and will be one of the best trios of backs in the nation in a year or two. Kinlaw may be moved to receiver at some point if he shows any promise catching passes out of backfield as a change of pace back.

4. Agreed. Both lines have some good players and have the potential to be good at some point. The offensive line could be very good next season as all of the starters are sophmores or juniors.

5. Disagree. Too many question marks in the secondary for it to be more than average. Lowery and Zemaitis both return and will anchor the secondary but can Anwar Phillips and Chris Harrell step up as starters? How effective will Donnie Johnson be at CB after moving from running back? Assuming Harrell earns the FS spot he'll have to perform well early on or Andrew Guman could take over.

I'm calling for a 7-4 (4-4) season for Penn State. All OOC games are winnable and so are all of the Big Ten games except Ohio State and Iowa. Everyone will have a better grasp on the season after the BC game.
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