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I don't know about Michigan State number one in the conference. It'll be a Michigan/OSU battle with one of a couple teams (Iowa, purdue, Wisconsin) throwing something together to contend. I haven't looked at any schedules other than Penn State's yet and in this Conference, that has a lot to do in determining what team plays in the CapOne and Citrus Bowls rather than the Sun Bowl.

I like Penn State's running backs this season. By next season, I believe Austin Scott will be a very good, well-rounded, running back. He should produce a good amount of yards, but I'm not sure if he's the possession runner just yet. On the other hand, they don't really need him to be with Hunt. I think their running game is more than run of the mill, for sure.

Their receiving corps isn't up to par. It doesn't matter how good Zach Mills is, no one is going to catch the ball. No one stepped up last season and they haven't recruited well at the position, which is one of the reasons why they brought in a new offensive co-ordinator.

Which presents a problem in this up coming season. They're going to want to throw the ball, but simply don't have the personnel to do it. Just throw Mike Robinson in the backfield rotation and run the ball 90% of the time. Mills has the legs for it. They had been doing more and more option play last season, but that tapered off a bit last season. They'll need to get back to that.
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