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Default Is Serena the most secretive of all the great players?

When I read interviews of great players, I occasionally get insights about how they approach the game mentally, how they adjust strategies to their opponents, technically, etc.

Serena, despite being one of the strongest mentally of all time, and one of the best strategists (with enough game plans to then execute these strategies) gives absolutely nothing. One never hears anything of substance in her interviews, and she's determined to keep it that way. All you get are platitudes like "she's a great player, I just had to fight hard." Occasionally she'll venture some vague statements like "serve better, get more balls in".

I understand that every top player likes to keep some secrets for themselves, but I can't believe that she needs to keep these many secrets about her tennis. Does she enjoy the reputation as a player who doesn't really think about things, because it adds to her sense of aura, and makes her seem more force of nature than mortal?

Honestly, it will be fascinating to hear about her technical and tactical insights. I guess we will have to wait for her retirement.
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