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Default Can you just draft already, damnit

I'm sick of the NFL Draft.

April used to be an amazing month for sports. Basketball winding down, baseball starting.

Now, there is more NFL Draft coverage than either. For three weeks now ESPN has been LOADED with Draft coverage. I honestly thought the draft was this past weekend, just off the amount of coverage, but there are still TWO more weeks.

Is there a more meaningless event in sports?

The NBA Draft I can stand because it's one night and I can watch the first 30 minutes for entertainment value as the NBA is always good for that with their PANEL covering the draft and those guys shaking Stern's hand will NEVER get old. Then I can leave for a bit, flip back for the last guy in the green room to get picked, then float in and out for the rest. But the NFL Draft is just non-excitement for a couple days.

Mel Kiper has his job NOT because he knows about these guys, but because of the depth of his knowledge. This guy I know was talking to me about quantity/quality the other day and made a great comparison that is applicable here. He was in a reading program at a library during a summer and read 10 books to get a star. It was a lot of book reading. Lots of words and the like. He noticed other kids had read like 70 books and had more stars. He was like "how the hell can they read so much?" and it turns out they were reading PICTURE books and the like. That's Kiper. He's reading picture books. He knows every player that could possibly be in this Draft. Probably knows their 40...hell, last 6 40s. But his analysis is terrible. I know they need him there because someone has to sacrifice and know that depth because no one else will, but don't try to pass him off as an analyst.

Just do the damn draft. Come on. Just do it. The Monday after, I'll look at who my team drafted and that will be that. It's not like watching the Draft is going to make them draft better.
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