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I suppose the reason why this didn't get too many replies is because,
for me, anyway, I'd rather hear what you think, CK, not what
was cut-and-pasted from some article. Moreover, this is a long and
laborious article (like, "get to the point, already").

I create long posts, too, myself, but I don't think I've ever cut-and-paste
somebody else's words. It's what I think. Maybe some articles you and
others paste in could be interesting...but I prefer conversing with you.

Lastly, as for the guy who wrote this article (if that's a picture of him
at the bottom), what I see is some goof who's life isn't going anywhere,
so he has to put on some army fatigues, use the F word a few times,
complain a lot about how unfair life is, and preach revolution, instead
of going to school, getting an education, and getting a job like the
rest of us.
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