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Originally posted by rickcoyle

o yeah.... and Mr. Travis, if you truly believe that the eagles and the steelers will fall then obviously you know nothing about football.
HAHA rick I know plenty about football. I,ve been watching it for a long time and I,m a player to. You can disagree with me but don,t come in here saying I don,t know nothing about football. That dog won,t fly. I,ve seen teams like the eagles before, They hit there peak last year and that is it for them. Down they go. The ravens will beat the pittsburgh steelers like a 4 year old at k mart. They,ll kick them like a red head step child. There quarterback got his bell rung last year and he,s not real good anyway. I don,t care about your receivers because nobody can get them the ball. especially when ray lewis and the others are on him in no time. forget about it man. Yeah any wise football observer knows pittsburgh is not doing anything this year. Deal with it.

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