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I think the Bears went out this off-season and made themselves just good enough to lose a lot of close games.
T-Rex gets hurt and everyone is looking for answers. Most of you might disagree, but I see Orton being a star sometime down the line.

The Vikings are very much improved on defense. And their rookie receiver has looked great in the preseason.

The Packers have Farve. Don't count them out.

The Lions hand the ball to Jeff "No, we're roommates" Garcia. Besides putting the 'L' in "lisp", the guy knows how to put the ball in a DB's hands. The guy is washed up. Now he's a Lion. That's a bad combination.


Packers (10-6)
Vikings (9-7)
Lions (8-8)
Bears (6-10)
Get me a bottle of Advil..............the Cubs game is starting....
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