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As an Indians fan, I would much rather see Santana in pinstripes than in a Red Sox uniform. Can you imagine a Beckett/Santana duo? Jesus Christ, that's horrifying...who is your number one in the playoffs?

Santana for the Yankees is almost equally terrifying, but not quite. As doublee says, they still have bullpen trouble (especially with Joba in the starting rotation), but still--Santana, Joba, Pettite with that lineup? That's not what you want to face going into the playoffs either.

The Twins are really messing things up for the Indians right now. I was hoping to see Santana go to the Mets, but that looks like its not a possibility anymore. I can only hope the Twins decide they don't like the offers and hold on to him, but I don't think that's likely at this point.
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