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Default Top 10 current NFL players

This might be a little bit difficult to do, but who do you guys consider to be the Top 10 players in the league for this upcoming season? Now these players can come from any position whether than be Qb, Wr, LB, or even offensive linemen. I was reading on CBS Sportsline and they made out their Top 10, which I found very interesting. I will give you their Top 10, and then post mine as well.

CBS Sportline Article listing Top 10 players by Pete Prisco...

10. Brett Favre
9. Terrell Owens
8. Rich Gannon
7. Peyton Manning
6. Marvin Harrison
5. Steve Mcnair
4. Priest Holmes
3. Randy Moss
2. Brian Urlacher
1. Derrick Brooks

Other Notables.....#12 Ray Lewis, basically because of injury, #11 Vick, #25 Marshall Faulk, who has been at the top of everyone's top 10 for the past few years.

Surprises...Mcnair being the first Qb at #5 was my biggest surprise of the CBS top 10.

My Top 10 for this season...

10. Julius Peppers
9. Terrell Owens
8. Michael Vick
7. Jonathan Ogden
6. Ladainian Tomlinson
5. Steve Mcnair
4. Brian Urlacher
3. Clinton Portis
2. Marvin Harrison
1. Ray Lewis

Obviously I have some stretches in there, but that is how I see this season playing out. I see all those guys having monster years, and putting themselves among the elite of the elite. Some of those guys in my list are already elite, but some are new faces with high expectations.

So, who is on your list?

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